MAJORly Proud and humble. Can that happen?



Yesterday David pinned on Major. We are all so proud of him, but also take a step back in humility.

“But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6

We know we haven’t been able to get this far in his career if it wasn’t for so many that have lead our paths and guided us all.  First and foremost God. David and I, both know, that God’s hand was in our meeting 12 years ago (finding one another in a large crowd, was a very random, possibly divine, happen to “run into” each other, after two years when we first met at Truman State University where he was friends with my sister) We spent the entire summer together and got engaged 8 months later.  All our family and friends thought we were nuts, but we just “knew” and God smiled. Our lives would change when David signed with the Air Force. God again, smiled, because I truly believe He has called David into this life for a reason, David was born a leader and with God in his heart, David will go miles beyond.
Nav/EWO school happened shortly after we got married and our first year brought us our first Air Force family/friends. I am very grateful for these friendships we have met along the way, we are all so supportive of one another, and it’s wonderful crossing paths at different duty stations as we move along! After graduation, we headed to Omaha, NE, Offutt AFB where David would fly on the RC-135. David had the first of MANY amazing bosses, and for me, amazing wives, who also lead by elegant example and showed me the true foundation of what a devoted military wife and mother is. Lt Col Bauer to Lt Compton and his outstanding Wife Kristi, then to Lt Col Humphrey and his fantastic wife Theresa. Then off to the 55th OPS group with Colonel Hansen and his amazing wife Chris. We met some wonderful people and I really do cherish all those fun memories and friendships. Sometimes timing in the AF is what “needs” to happen for careers, but when I look back, I know that all those years (12+ deployments to working 80 hours a week as Exec) were for a certain reason. Our time in Omaha felt like “home.” We met our closest friends and grew in our faith at a wonderful church for 6+ years. We had our two children in Omaha and even though they are “BRATS” they both say they are from Omaha. It didn’t hurt we were only a “short” 5 hour drive to our hometown; close to our family and lifelong friends.  Something that was paramount for our Children as they grew up, at least getting to still see their grandparents despite being military brats.

We moved to Pensacola, Florida in late July 2012, for David to become a CSO/Nav instructor with Lt Col Moser and his outstanding wife, Kristie. And now our current boss, Lt Col Rivera and his fantastic wife, Becca. ALL these Colonel’s and spouses have shown us and proven to us, how graceful, loyal, dedication and “rock solid” these relationships are & can be in the AF.

All of this comes to the door that was opened to Olmsted. With my (Kristy’s need for extreme micromanaging and MUST have all things planned) lists’ keep growing, but my feet feel planted in Perdido, I start to feel a little overwhelmed at what is ahead. I (Kristy) actually get very choked up when I am sitting and praying, knowing that our lives will be forever changed because of this and I am “nervously joyful”. We have created some amazing friendships here in Perdido that I know will continue to grow where ever we go, but I also don’t feel quite “ready” to leave. We feel so honored that God has chosen this for our path and we want to be able to Glorify Him in all this. So, how do we do that? We work at it one day at a time, giving Him the glory and TRUSTING Him with our full obedience.

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